Our talented team of designers, engineers and award-winning domain experts (3 PhDs, 2 MBAs, 6 MScs) possess a unique blend of relevant skills and industry know-how. During the short time they have been working together they have already developed several patent pending technologies that are set to transform the wearable technology sector.  


Dr Tim Willis


The underlying technology that powers Tusi, called Flexpansion (Flexible Text Expansion), was developed by Tim and is based on research he did while completing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing at Edinburgh University. The Flexpansion Android smartphone app has been installed on tens of thousands of devices, and the Pro version has a Google Play rating of 4.7 out of 5. While at Edinburgh Tim taught himself Perl to collate and process data, and designed an algorithm to reconstruct full text, which later became Flexpansion. His project was one of only a few granted permanent confidential status by the U of E.

David Nicol


David has extensive experience working with early stage technology companies and companies undergoing rapid technological change. He has been instrumental in the creation, definition and build-out of products ensuring they are built to be highly scalable. He brings a passion for building and empowering development teams and he prides himself on 'making it happen'. Widely travelled in strategic sales and implementation activities, from the West Coast of America to the Far East. He's also highly proficient in the recruitment and ongoing leadership of New Product Development teams in many geographies and cultures.


Michael Clouser


Michael holds an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh Business School, where he is a PhD candidate. His research interests surround the triple helix of university-industry-government. Mike has been a venture capitalist with Dot Edu Ventures in Palo Alto, California, and an associate at the Edinburgh-Stanford Link in Edinburgh. He has lectured on topics that include technology entrepreneurship, digital marketplaces, business and public policy, asset management, and venture finance.

Hemal Bodasing


Hemal is an experienced software engineer with a broad range of capabilities. His primary focus is building Android and Android Wear applications, but he also has a passion for Windows Mobile, Python, Java, Visual Basic, C#, C++ and .Net. His deep understanding of object-oriented design and development makes him a highly valued member of the team, and in addition to writing great code, he also plays a major role in how the company's products are developed. As the company's lead engineer he also oversees all areas of technical development ensuring that essential tasks such as source control, bug tracking and fixing, and unit testing are carried out effectively.

Martina Peeva


With a BSc and an MSc from The University of Dundee in Digital Interaction Design and User Experience Design (respectively), Martina's role is to improve Tusi's usability. She does this with user satisfaction in mind, and her long-term aim is to help transition Tusi from what it is today, an early beta, to what it will become within the not-too-distant future; a keyboard and chat app utilised by millions of people throughout the world. This of course continues to be a huge challenge as smartwatches feature such tiny screens, but she and the rest of the team, continue to be up for the challenge! 

Simon Montford


Simon is a London-born entrepreneur who co-founded the first web-based online auction platform ( After a successful exit, he completed a part-time MBA, then co-founded several more companies, including one that had offices in Edinburgh and San Francisco. After several years travelling between Scotland and California, followed by a brief stint working as an IoT consultant in London, he is back in Scotland. In addition to implementing the company's sales and marketing strategy, he also hosts the IoTEdinburgh Meetup for fun.

Fionn Tynan-O'Mahony


With a BA (Hons) in Product Design and a Master's with distinction in Design Informatics, Fionn is a highly qualified, multi-disciplined, award-winning designer and researcher. He has professional experience leading and collaborating on projects across a diverse range of industries and regions. His background is in product design and design informatics with a focus on connected "intelligent objects". He is particularly interested in how good design can enhance "smart devices" so they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but intuitive and delightful to use. He is particularly passionate about app interface design in the context of wearable technology.

Dr Stacey Hunter


Stacey graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc and PhD in Architecture. Her work as a creative producer connects design thinking and practice to the everyday life of cities. Her expertise is highly relevant because the company is investigating how Tusi could also be applied to touchscreen interfaces in the context of "smart cities".  With over 15 years' experience of creative production in the design and architecture sector,  she is applying what we have learned in the wearables sector to other high growth areas in the context of urban planning, architecture, and smart city initiatives.